Event: Dr. Rubinstein at Gare Porto, Porto

My favorite nights out are the ones that are totally unexpected, the ones that surprise you and turn out more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. I originally didn’t intend to go out in Porto at all. Simply because I didn’t expect there to be much going on. But after my disappointing night in Lisbon, I still wanted to experience the good night-life of Portugal. And I found it in Porto. As I desperately checked ResidentAdvisor again, I found out that Dr. Rubinstein, who I was supposed to see the night before in Lisbon, was actually DJing in Porto that night. The club Gare Porto looked promising and like the typical dark, cellar-like venue that techno dreams are made of.

I had heard before that nights-out start pretty late in Porto, still I was surprised when I turned up at 1am and there were only a handful of other people in the club. I liked the dark atmosphere of the club and the support DJ Amulador was doing a good job so far. And something told me this would be a good night. Around 2am the club was completely packed all of a sudden.

Dr. Rubinstein started her mix with upbeat, rough techno and powerful acid- she certainly didn’t go easy on us. I found the set really hard to get into at first. It was like she was challenging us and if we only stayed patient enough we would finally be taken on the ride with her. The crowd stayed with her and the energy levels were high in the room, as she pleased us with the long expected drops. About half way through the set Dr. Rubinstein started playing more groovy 90s techno with a hint of trance. Overall, her set kept up the high-energy with smooth transitions and the dance floor stayed packed til way after 7am when I finally decided to leave. What I noticed about her DJing was the great confidence and consistence of her mixing.

I had a great night out in Porto and for such a small city there’s unexpectedly a lot going on. People were dedicated and committed to the dancing and wouldn’t go home before the sun had come up.

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