Event: Studio Barnhus at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

Recently I’ve been really obsessed with Axel Boman’s productions. Constantly mixing one of his tracks into my sets like “Purple Drank”, which was released on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records and became his breakthrough in 2010. Or listening to his album “Family Vacation” over and over again. Boman is definitely not a new name in the scene and has been hard to miss, as he’s also collaborated with artists like John Talabot and built his own label Studio Barnhus. But for some reason I just happened to come across him recently – shame on me. So I was very excited to see that he would play a set at Robert Johnson with no other than Swedish colleague Baba Stiltz, who I highly appreciate for his great house selections and cool vibes.

Support of the night was local DJ Lauer, who is not only known for collaborating with Gerd Janson on their project “Tuff City Kids”. Lauer perfectly represents the typical Robert Johnson sound and delivered a solid introduction for the upcoming artists, keeping it consistent and high energy. Boman and Stiltz continued the night, doing a several hour back-to-back starting off with full depth tracks that captured the crowd from the first moment, building up the excitement steadily. I was instantly hooked by the set, loving the full-depth house tracks they had picked. Who was expecting Boman to drop a collection of his own productions would have been disappointed as mainly unknown tracks were played. Half way through the set, they played more approachable, light-weight, chill house tracks, keeping it danceable. Building up more depth again towards the end of the set and dropping more edgy tracks but always keeping up that smoothness and consistent grove that never got the set to be boring and kept the dance floor busy til past 6am.

Boman and Stiltz didn’t just mesmerize the crowd with their great song collection and smooth mixing but also with their great energy they bring to the set. Boman has this undeniable positive, fun attitude that just keeps you smiling and makes it really fun to watch him mix. And Stiltz makes you dance harder by enthusiastically whipping his long silky hair to the music. An absolutely fun and enjoyable duo to watch, especially in such an intimate setting as Robert Johnson, with both amazing skills and taste for selecting unique tracks. My favorite set so far this year but then again it’s only March.

// Please consider that out of respect to the artists and the guests of the events, I am not taking pictures at every event I review. 

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