Event: FJAAK (live) at Galerie Kurzweil, Darmstadt

Berlin techno comes to Darmstadt: The culture venue Galerie Kurzweil celebrated their one year anniversary with trio FJAAK. The three producers grew up relatively isolated in Spandau where they spent their youth hanging out and making music together. Away from the flourishing Berlin club scene they could develop their own unique sound. This year they released their first album and are already playing festivals and bringing their live-sets to clubs all over Europe.

Support DJ Mirshak slowly heats up the floor with chill house tracks followed by groovy deep house and finally straight-forward techno. It’s a pretty mixed crowd, the floor is packed, the neon lamps are flashing and everyone’s excited for what’s to come. FJAAK don’t mess around and start of their set with a strong beat and high energy. Everyone seems immediately hooked and people are getting closer to dance with the boys. The groovy beats and high energy last throughout the whole set and you can’t help but keep moving. They only slow down and let us take a breath for short moments. When the beat picks up again the whole crowd is cheering and continuing dancing with total commitment. Still the set never gets boring or exhausting. FJAAK’s approach to techno is not too serious, heavy or dark. It’s the perfect combination of straight-forward and edgy, it’s groovy, it’s young, it’s fresh, it’s infectious. Their chemistry is undeniable and their coolness fills the whole room, you feel as if you’re best friends are just making music as they dance and party with the crowd. You can’t tell where one person’s work begins and ends, it all comes together to one sound and their brains seem to be in perfect alignment with each other. After about one and a half hours their set comes to an abrupt ending. I was curious how they would end the set and it makes total sense to me to just cut of the energetic beats instead of taking it down. But the party keeps going as second support DJ KMSM continues with subtle, trancy techno.

To me live sets always have a really special dynamic and because they only last a short amount of time you are more dedicated to fully join the ride. It was a privilege to see FJAAK’s incredible harmony in action. Their set got me completely hooked, it was one of the best sets I’ve seen this year for sure. You can tell that they absolutely love what they are doing and produce with such a refreshing ease. FJAAK make techno about fun – and fun it was!

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